Ultra Fast Patrol Boats C-MES 40 and C-MES 60

MES , as integrator, offers two ultra fast patrollers, the C-MES 40 and C-MES 60 (12 meters and 18 meters length) in multirole configuration. The set ups, for military or dual use, relay on a naval platform of absolute excellence, able to guarantee unmatched performances in terms of speed, maneuverability, reliability and operative flexibility. Different configurations are offered like illegal trafficking prevention, costal and strategic areas protection, search and rescue and special operation support.

The installation of torpedo launchers and short range missiles, beside conventional weapons, allows the C-MES 40 and C-MES 60 to satisfy requirements for naval operations presently performed by larger units, with significant reduction of operational costs.

The ambulance and fire prevention versions satisfy the most stringent requirements in the field of prevention in the civil field.