The Phoenix Exoskeleton helps movements of people with a total or partial motoric deficit of the lower limbs but with a good functionality of the upper body and arms.

Technical Characteristics

  • Phoenix is a semi active served system with 2 degrees of freedom for each leg;
  • Modular structure made by a torso conjoined, with motorized hips, to the legs through dedicated mechanical interfaces;
  • Total weight of 13.5 Kg;
  • For stabilization it needs to be used with crutches or walker;
  • The controls for getting up, walking or sitting down are given wireless by the user by a control installed on one of the crutches;
  • It can be worn in total autonomy by the user starting from a seated position;
  • Rechargeable batteries with 4 hours of walking autonomy;
  • Adjustable to different sizes;
  • Walking speed of 0.25 – 0.5 m/sec.