Individual ballistic protections

MES produces ballistic protections of different types:

  • Flexible vests:
    They protect from threats like short weapons or knifes (NIJ IIIA). MES is able to design and to produce the products responding to specific customer requirements, using the most advanced materials available on the market. MES vests combine a elevate level of protection, with very limited trauma, with a light weight and wearability that allow the use in very different operative conditions.
  • Ballistic plates:
    They ensure an higher level of protection (III in the NIJ scale) and can be used in combination with the flexible vests or in stands alone configuration. MES plates can stop all types of conventional ammunitions fired by short and long weapons, including ammunition SS109 cal. 5.56. Specific characteristics of MES plates are:
    • Total absence of trauma on the inside of plates, due to the fact that the plate when hit contains the bullet without deformations;
    • Multi hit capabilities;
    • High resistance to thermal and mechanical shocks.