Avionics Dispensing Systems

MES has developed, qualified and has in production on-board multi-role dispensing systems that can be used for aircraft protection, anti-submarine warfare and search/rescue activities.

ECDS (Enhanced Countermeasure Dispensing Systems)

A family of latest generation passive self-protection systems, which through the dispensing of chaff and flares type countermeasures and other specific decoys are used to protect fixed and rotary wing platforms from threats such as heat-seeking or radar-guided missiles. This type of system is opearative on platforms of Italians and Foreign Armed Forces.

The fix wing version has been installed on medium range trasport airplane C27J and antisub warfare ATR27MP . The versions for rotary wing platform has been installed as an integral part of the SIAP (Integrated Self-Protection System),in the following helicopters EH101, AB205, AB412, A129, AB212, CH47C, ICH47F, SH3D, AW139, AW101, and in the stand alone configuration on HH3F and Cougar helicopters.

A new state-of–art ECDS matching the latest technological and operative requirements is under development for fix wing platforms ( subsonic and supersonic ) and rotating wings platforms platforms.