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Company Profile

The Company MES was created in 1958. Its headquarters are located today in Rome, Via Tiburtina 1292 over an area of about 22,000 m², half of which dedicated to production.

In over sixty years of activity, the Company was able to expand the range of its activities covering the fields of mechanics, electronics, optronics and servomechanisms. The Company also has the specific expertise and the capacity to operate in the field of Design, making use of professionals with proven experience working within the Engineering and Production Departments, both for mechanics and electronics.

Implementing high levels of quality has been a distinguishing characteristic of the Company throughout its evolutionary process: a basic element of the company’s mission, which has contributed to its success in the military and space markets, both domestic and international.

Quality is a fundamental element especially if considering that MES operates as a Systems Engineer for complex and interdisciplinary projects.

The mechanics sector is one in which the MES has the highest experience. The effort of the Company has always been to constantly diversify its business through the acquisition of new technologies and the development of new projects. An evolutionary path and forward-thinking that has enabled the Company to achieve a leading position among suppliers of components and assemblies of the highest quality and complexity.

Activity in the Electronic sector began in the early seventies and has grown over the years to arrive, to date, to include a wide range of modern technologies in the field of microelectronics.

The experience gained in the seventies has encouraged further expansion of activities in the field of Optronics.

The quality of the Company has had a long history with major awards at NATO. Currently MES is certified according to the most advanced aerospace standards (AS / EN9100).

MES has an in-house environmental test laboratory needed for qualification of its products, which includes the following:

  • A Vibration System, able to play all the cycles required by the specifications;
  • Thermal Room, necessary to verify the functionality of their products to different climatic conditions and thermal stress;
  • Centrifuge for subjecting products to particular conditions of stress / mechanical stress.

Finally, MES has a fully equipped electronic laboratory with test beds and modern equipment.

MES Engineering Department is divided in five principal areas, with the aim and purpose to satisfy and fulfill all aspects connected with the development of a MES Projects, Customers requirements and support of systems through all operative life.

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The electronics production department consists of qualified personnel dedicated to productive activities and testing, as well as activities of conformal coating and resin.

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The activities rely on a workshop equipped with NC work centers and NC lathe machines, gear cutters, an assembly area for in process and final assembly, control area, surface treatments area, welding, and an area equipped for non destructive controls.

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MES is able to provide proper Logistic Support for the whole life-cycle of its products through a dedicated Logistic Department.

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